Complete Pinterest Strategy, Set-Up, and Optimization for Online Entrepreneurs!

You know that Pinterest is CRITICAL for driving organic traffic and leads.

You know that 2/3 of the people on Pinterest are women with mid to high level incomes.

You know that Pinterest drives traffic FOREVER once you understand keywords and the how-tos of sharing Pins.

You know you're missing out.

But, you need a simple, step-by-step training that will show you everything you need to streamline and optimize Pinterest without all the fluff and fancy stuff.

What if I told you this EXACT PROCESS takes me less than 45 minutes per week and drives 78% of my website traffic? Meet the holy grail of marketing.
With Stef’s Pinterest Masterclass I was able to completely re-vamp my Pinterest strategy *immediately* and saw a return on investment literally THE NEXT DAY after implementing the strategies inside Stefanie’s course. Stef’s tangible steps and thorough walk-throughs of both Pinterest and Tailwind have completely impacted the way my workflows are around Pinterest. As a Pinterest newbie, I felt overwhelmed by the process and that stopped me from making any impact on the platform. Stef’s course is exactly what I needed to take Pinterest to the next level and build my brand on an amazing untapped audience. My audience grew by 80% in just days following the Pinterest masterclass, and my impressions grew by 50%. I would HIGHLY recommend this masterclass if you’ve been struggling to understand how Pinterest can work for you and your biz!

-Courtney St Croix
Hey friend! I'm Stef. I help women get CLARITY, launch podcasts, map out courses, and start coaching businesses. And the best part? 

I grew this business ORGANICALLY. That means I used free platforms to serve and solve my avatar's problems (like podcasting and blogging) and free visual search engines like PINTEREST to create a funnel of leads every single day

Actually, 78% of my website traffic comes from one source, PINTEREST! Crazy since it's free, and I spend less than 45 minutes per week on Pinterest. It's the holy grail of marketing that everyone uses, but few utilize.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to grow your brand, business, podcast, services, or blog... and you focus on women (especially moms) as your target market, you MUST be on Pinterest.

I put together this 90 minute masterclass for those of you who want to understand Pinterest the SIMPLE way. This training is a recording of the live training I did in my recent Mastermind so not only will you get a tactical step-by-step but also lots of Q&A from female entrepreneurs just like you!

Inside this 90-minute masterclass you will learn:

Why Pinterest
Pinterest set-up
Profile and Pin SEO and Keyword Strategy
Board Set up and optimization
Group board access & utilization
Direct pinning
Creating Pins in Canva (in less than 60 seconds!)
Automated Pinning using Tailwind
And more!

This training will give you everything you need and nothing you don't.

It's not for the advanced Pinterest user, it's for the time-conscious, busy mompreneur who wants to drive TONS of organic traffic everyday without wasting tons of time doing it.

Let me help you conquer Pinterest and generate more website views, leads, and ultimately revenue.

Meet you inside!

I just finished Stefanie's Pinterest Masterclass and am BLOWN away at how easy and seamless her trainings are. Stef is so real and down to earth and she walks you through her points so effortlessly. I was able to do the class and make updates and adjustments to my Pinterest at the same time! I can't wait to see the fruit from this! Thanks Stef! You are one of my favorite teachers!

-Jeanette Tapley
Course Curriculum
Inside this 96 minute Pinterest Masterclass you will get a full Pinterest and Tailwind Training along with a Bonus Canva tutorial for creating graphics, and more.
It's time start growing your online traffic, generating more leads and helping more people by spending LESS time marketing. This masterclass gives my EXACT PROCESS (which takes less than 45 minutes per week) and drives 78% of my website traffic! 

Simple Pinterest Strategy for Online Entrepreneurs. FINALLY, a specific step-by-step how-to that will help you set up for success, create boards that get found with specific keywords, Pin titles, descriptions, and graphics that are optimized, and a pinning strategy that is highly automated.

SO MUCH VALUE! I'll meet you inside.
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Stef makes Pinterest so straightforward, easy to use, and really takes away any need for perfection to get you to simply take action and start! Her strategies are simple and can evolve with my brand as my team grows. So grateful for a simple course that allowed me to take immediate action without a huge time cost!

-Ashley Meyer, MOMpire